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Why Easter Playdough Kits Make The Best Easter Gifts!

by | Mar 19, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Why Easter Playdough Kits Make The Best Easter Gifts!

by | Mar 19, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Easter is one of the best times of year. It signifies a change in the seasons, a rebirth of all the beautiful flowers, trees and grass in the yard, and also gives us a reason to celebrate!


What Are the Best Easter Gifts For Kids?

Easter playdough kit

One holiday tradition that is fairly common in families is to set out an Easter basket with gifts for children on Easter morning. But what do you put in these Easter baskets? Do you find yourself frequently falling back on gifting chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps?

Instead of sticking with the status quo of buying unhealthy candy for kid’s Easter gifts year after year, it might be time to try something new. If you’re looking for Easter basket ideas, you’ve come to the right place.  This year, try gifting your child or grandchild an Easter playdough kit.


What Is an Easter Playdough Kit?

Easter playdough gift basket

An Easter playdough kit is a small playdough sensory box with an Easter theme! If you’re not familiar with sensory boxes, these amazing toys help kids to enhance cognitive growth, develop fine motor skills and increase their creativity.

Kids can play with the sensory items, mash the playdough and use their imaginations to tell a story and create the perfect Easter scene. Will all the variety that Easter playdough kits offer, some kids will play with them for hours! And what parent doesn’t deserve a couple hours of peace and quiet? 🙂


What’s Included in an Easter Playdough Kit?

Easter playdough kits

An Easter playdough kit usually has several fun items included in the kit. First, you’ll find there’s a few small containers of playdough, typically in Easter colors. This playdough makes up the moldable base of the Easter kit.

The intent is for the children to use the playdough either as a stage for the other items to interact with or allow the kids to push, pull, squish and form it into anything their imaginations can create.

Next, the Easter playdough kit is full of fun sensory items. Since Easter is the theme, you’ll likely find brightly colored eggs, beautiful flowers, textured grass and even the Easter bunny himself! When children play with small sensory items like these, they learn to improve their fine motor skills that help them to do other functional tasks like putting on their own clothes, brushing their teeth or holding a pencil.


How is an Easter Playdough Kit Stored?

easter gifts for kids

When it comes to gifting, it’s important to know how the item is packaged. In the case of an Easter playdough kit for kids, you’ll typically find it wrapped up in a cute bag and tied off with a ribbon on top. This makes it easy to put in an child’s Easter basket along with other small items.

Since the Easter playdough kit bag has an attached tie at the top, it’s easy to put away once the kids are done playing. This makes it easy to stay organized and bring back out again on a later occasion.


How Much Does an Easter Playdough Kit Cost?

easter playdough kit cost

Now that we’ve covered what an Easter playdough kit is, what’s included and how it’s stored, it’s time to go over the cost of this amazing Easter basket gift for kids. While the cost of the playdough kit usually will depend on the overall size, number of sensory items and the playdough store you buy it from.

Here at Adoughable Kits, we pride ourselves in offering the most value for the money when it comes to Easter playdough kits for sale. Our kits typically run around $18-$25 dollars, with an additional charge for shipping. Where other online playdough kits are usually around $30-$40, we try to make our easter gifts for kids more affordable for the whole family. This is one of those Easter basket ideas that won’t break the bank.


Get an Easter Playdough Kit Today!

So, what are you waiting for? With Easter right around the corner, now’s the time to get your Easter gifts for kids out of the way.

Fill up their Easter baskets with these amazing Easter playdough kits to give them something fun, imaginative and colorful to play with all day long. We even have some toddler-friendly playdough kits in an Easter theme for your little ones as well!

Do you have any other fun ideas your kids have come up with when playing with Easter playdough kits? If so, leave them in the comments below!