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What to Look for in Sensory Bins for Sale

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What to Look for in Sensory Bins for Sale

by | Mar 18, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

If you’re looking for sensory bins for sale, you’ve probably realized there are a lot of little boutiques and shops out there that offer all kinds of sensory bin kits. With all the options that are out there, how do you know which sensory bin is the right pick?


Factors to Consider When Looking for Sensory Bins for Sale

While price is usually the first thing that comes to mind when looking for sensory bins for sale, there are a few other factors to consider when trying to make the most of your money. Here is a quick list of some of the top things to look for in sensory bin kits for sale:

  • Price
  • Value
  • Storage
  • Theme

Sensory Bin Pricing

sensory bins for sale

As you’ve probably already realized, pricing for sensory bins for sale can be all over the map. One sensory kit website may show a set for $15, while another shows a similar sensory bin for $40 or more!
So how do you know you’re getting the best deal on sensory bin kits? While there are a lot of reasons for a higher-priced sensory kit, here are some of the top things that add to the cost of a sensory box:

Packaging of Sensory Kit

We’ll get more to storage in just a bit from a functionality perspective, but the way your sensory bin for sale comes packaged can ultimately affect the pricing. Does it come in a large, sturdy container or a thin, plastic container? Does it come decorated with ribbons, bows and stickers or is it simply just the container itself?

Some parents care more that the presentation of the kit is cute over the functionality of the container it’s stored in. If you’re more concerned with “cute”, be prepared to pay a little more. Cute packaging isn’t cheap, and comes at a bit of a premium.

Quality of Sensory Items

A sensory bin kit doesn’t need to have the highest-quality items in order for it to function well as a sensory box. However, if the item has a number of “higher-quality” items included in the kit, then the price can fluctuate.
For instance, if you’re purchasing a “Mermaid Playdough Kit”, the box may come with small items that are related to mermaids without having an actual mermaid itself. Or the mermaid playdough kit may have a large, high-quality mermaid toy included in the kit with less of the actual supplemental sensory items.

Take a look at the descriptions for the sensory bin for sale you’re looking at as well as the pictures to get a good grasp of the quality, size and variety of items included.

Amount of Sensory Items

Lastly, pictures can sometimes be deceiving! You may see a picture of a fun sensory bin kit at a great price, but when it comes to your door you realize it’s actually considered a “mini” kit and the items are all very small.
On the other hand, you may buy what looks like a standard sensory bin kit at a higher price only to have a behemoth of a kit show up at your door with TONS of items inside of it!

While both kits serve a purpose, it’s important that the sensory bin shop you’re buying from gives you great descriptions and pictures that paint the whole picture of what you’re getting before you make your purchase.

Sensory Bin Value

sensory bin kits

Similar to how pricing can fluctuate based on the quality/size of the items included in the sensory bin for sale, value can fluctuate depending on what your purchasing goals are. If you’re looking for smaller sensory bin kits that are easy to store, then getting a briefcase-sized kit won’t really fit the bill for you.

Similarly, if you’re wanting a “family-sized” playdough sensory kit but only get a small kit with only a few items, you may feel that you aren’t getting value. The first step to make sure you are getting the most of our your sensory bin kit purchase is to have a plan.

Goals When Buying Sensory Bin Kits

Are you looking for periodic sensory play sets that will keep your kids interested for a month or so before moving on to the next one? If so, you might consider a sensory kit subscription. Sensory play kit subscriptions are usually lower in price, are stored neatly and compactly, and come in all different themes.

Are you looking for a one-time sensory bin that your kids will come back to over and over again? Then you’d be best off looking for a sensory box that’s large, can be safely stored, and has enough items to keep multiple kids interested.

Are you looking for playdough sensory bins for your toddlers? If so, you need to find playdough sets for toddlers that have large items that little ones can’t choke on or break easily.

Do you want sensory bins for sale that are priced well, don’t take up a lot of room, but provide a decent variety of sensory items? These play dough kits for sale usually run in the $20-$30 range.

No matter what you’re looking for, you can find it, but it’s smart to have some goals in mind before jumping into the fray of the multiple playdough sensory shops out there.

Sensory Bin Kit Storage Containers

 sensory bin kits for sale

While playdough kit storage containers may not be the first thing you think of when looking for sensory bins for sale, it is an important part of the equation. Sensory bin kits can be sold in all sorts of different containers, boxes and bags, so finding one that meets your organizational needs at home matters.

Using Sensory Boxes

Boxes are some of the most common storage containers for playdough sensory bin kits. The reason why is that they are typically sturdier than bags, and oftentimes come with different storage compartments for different items. Not only that, some boxes are stackable, making for easy and symmetrical storage.

For instance, the “tackle box” storage container is extremely popular with playdough sensory bin kits because you can easily present all the different items. One thing to watch out for, in regard to value, is that the packaging of the box (and its dividers) doesn’t take up more room than the sensory items themselves.

Using Sensory Bags

Using bags is another way that sensory bins for sale are packaged. Bags are nice for quick, on-the-go use, but are also prone to mixing the sensory kit items and are typically less sturdy than boxes.
If you’re giving the sensory bin kit as an Easter playdough kit gift for the Easter basket, then a bag is a perfect choice! If you’re wanting your sensory kit to last longer and to be played with over and over again, a sensory box may be the way to go.

Sensory Bin Themes

Playdough Sensory Bins

Another very important thing to consider is the theme of the sensory bin for sale.

Educational Themes

Are you looking for educational tools for your younger kids? If so, you may want to lean more towards a preschool playdough kit or a sensory box that includes numbers, letters and shapes.

Fun Themes

Are you looking for a themed kit that resonates with something your child is interested in right now? Then you might go for a sensory bin kit that is themed around mermaids, pirates, construction, princesses, cowboys, or more.

Holiday Themes

Are you needing a sensory bin for sale to give as a gift for a holiday? Then you’ll want a holiday-themed playdough kit that has items that relate to Christmas, Halloween, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentines Day, etc.

Custom Themes

Perhaps you have a theme in mind, but don’t know a sensory bin for sale that matches? You can sometimes request a specific theme from a sensory bin company and they can make it custom for you.

Finding Sensory Bin Kits for Sale: It Can Be Done!

Ultimately, there are a lot of options out there for sensory bins for sale. That being said, it doesn’t have to be hard to find sensory bin kits that match the criteria you’re looking for. Here at Adoughable Kits, we have all sorts of themed playdough kits, holiday playdough kits, educational playdough kits and more.

Not only that, we’re affordably-priced and have made it our mission to offer the right amount of quality, value, variety and cuteness with every single sensory bin kit we sell.

Take a look at our playdough kit shop to find the right sensory bin kit for