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Playdough Sensory Kits for Kids!

How Our Playdough Kits Work

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Themed Playdough Sensory Kits

Do you want a themed playdough kit to give as a gift? Pick from our best-selling playdough kits themed around pirates, mermaids, astronauts, leprechauns and more!

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Sensory Kit Subscriptions - Coming Soon!

Looking for an ongoing way to stimulate your child’s cognitive development? Get a new playdough sensory kit sent to you every month with a unique theme!

Playdough: The Best Sensory Kit Base

While sensory kits can include many items, we firmly believe that playdough is the key ingredient. Being a moldable base that can interact with every other item in the kit, playdough is the ultimate imagination-igniter!



Our playdough kits are priced with value, affordability and family budgets in mind.


Items in the kits are non-toxic and kid-friendly. These sensory kits are meant for kids 3+.


With dough made from scratch, our playdough kits are one-of-a-kind!

Playdough Sensory boxes develop Skills

It’s no secret that playdough sensory kits have all kinds of benefits for kids. Some of the main benefits of playdough kits include improved cognitive development, motor skills, problem-solving skills and more.

The best part is that all of these developmental benefits come packaged in adorably-themed playdough kits that can spark your children’s’ imaginations and provide hours of fun.


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Playdough Kits Made from scratch

Each sensory box is completely unique.

First, we start with an idea (usually given to us by our own kids).

Next, we formulate a plan to combine different items and colors to create a compelling theme.

Then we custom pick all of the sensory pieces to go in the set.

Last of all, we hand-craft the playdough and package everything together with love.


“Thanks for visiting Adoughable Kits! I hope your kids enjoy playing with these sensory playdough kits as much as mine do. Please share your favorite kits with us on social media!”

– Becky Secrist (Owner)
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Have any questions about our sensory playdough kits? Are you interested in buying playdough sets in bulk?  Do you have any great ideas for a themed sensory box that you’d love to see? Fill out this form and we’d love to help!

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