Mermaid Playdough Kit


Find out what it’s really like under the sea with the help of this mermaid playdough box!


Look at this trove. Treasures untold. How many wonders can one mermaid playdough kit hold? It’s time to find out!

Let your child imagine what it would be like to explore the ocean’s treasures with their very own mermaid playdough kit. This kit comes with everything a child needs to explore what’s under the sea. Whether your child is looking for a small, ocean animal companion, royal jewelry, seashells or even treasure, you’ll find it in this kit! Jewels can be stored in the clam container, seashells can be embedded in the colorful playdough reef and animals can hide among the oceanic plants while the mermaid figurine sings her heart out.

Everything comes packaged in a durable, see-through plastic box with a closing lid. The playdough comes in individual containers as well to keep it from getting stale. This allows for easy organization and multiple play sessions with these magical, ocean-themed sensory items!

Sensory Items Included in Mermaid Playdough Kit

  • 2 x 2oz containers of mermaid-colored playdough
  • 1 mermaid figurine
  • Plastic clam-shell container
  • Pearl necklace
  • Aquarium plant
  • 3 gem rings
  • Gold coins
  • Treasure chest
  • Sea shells
  • Colored gems
  • Blue and purple stones
  • 2 sea animals
  • Drawstring bag

Add-ons Available for Mermaid Playdough Kit:

  • 7″ rolling pin
  • 4oz of extra playdough

Disclaimer: Adoughable Kits is not responsible for any injury incurred while playing with these kits. This mermaid playdough kit is for kids ages 3+. Some of the sensory items in this playdough kit are small and could be a choking hazard. Please use your best judgment and supervise your children when playing with the toys in this kit to avoid any accidents.

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No Add-ons, Add Rolling Pin, Add 4oz of Playdough, Add 4oz of Playdough and Rolling Pin


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