Cowboy Playdough Kit


Howdy, partner! Put on your boots, lasso up, and enjoy this cowboy playdough kit!


Let your child’s imagination run to the wild, wild west with the help of this amazing cowboy playdough kit. Never has traversing the mountains, plains and fields of the beautiful western United States been as colorful, vibrant or fun!

First, have your child put on their sheriff’s badge and then they can get to work corralling the animals, finding golden nuggets and building a campfire to relax next to. Does their horse need a corrall? Has a snake wandered into camp that needs dealing with? Are there golden nuggets to be found out on the frontier? With both a cowboy and horse figurine, the sky is the limit when it comes to the scenes your child can create. So lasso up the ideas, uncover the golden ones, and cowboy up the fun with the help of this amazing cowboy playdough kit from Adoughable Kits.

This kit comes in an easy-to-store, durable plastic box that allows for easy organization and storage. The playdough comes in two separate containers so it can be stored and used again multiple times without losing its moldable consistency.

Sensory Items Included in Cowboy Playdough Kit:

  • 2 x 2oz containers of colored playdough
  • Bendable cowboy figurine
  • Bendable horse figurine
  • Toy snake
  • 2 felt cactus toppers
  • Golden nuggets
  • Mini plastic shovel
  • Rocks
  • Rope
  • Mini succulents
  • Wooden logs
  • Battery-powered tea light
  • Plastic fence
  • Sheriff Badge
  • Drawstring bag

Add-ons Available for Cowboy Playdough Kit:

  • 7″ rolling pin
  • Extra 4oz of playdough

Disclaimer: Adoughable Kits is not responsible for any injury incurred while playing with these kits. This cowboy playdough kit is for kids ages 3+. Some of the sensory items in this playdough kit are small and could be a choking hazard. Please use your best judgment and supervise your children when playing with the toys in this kit to avoid any accidents.

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No Add-ons, Add Rolling Pin, Add 4oz of Playdough, Add 4oz of Playdough and Rolling Pin


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